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I just installed a pretty flimsy Deep Blue 24" plumbing kit in my new tank (75Gal)..Now am I pretty embarrassed to ask this, but here it goes...Each flange comes with two gaskets, is it an extra or is the second one go on underside with the flimsy plastic nut ...?? Cuz I put one on the nut side as well and neither will seal correctly..!! I cant get em tight enuf !!!

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you only need a gasket on the water side, imo. that will also help you to tighten down the nut. it doesn't have to be massively torqued either. just tight.

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You only need a gasket on the flange side. Doesnt matter if its in water or out (although I believe most kits have the flange on the inside), but you dont need one on the nut side

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