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Best 40 Setup


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When i move out, it has been made clear to my gf of a long time.. That I will be setting up a bigger tank then my 20H... The options i have looked at, keep leading me back to my Choice of a 40B.. I was wondering what would like the End all Be all for desired equipment?


I have the 20H currently.. I was thinking about making a Sump or a Refugium out of it..



Current Equipment:

Koralia Nano 425

Maxijet 1200

Crappy HOB filter with chemipure

Aquatic Life 24" T5HO with 2 Blue Plus

Marineland Double Bright LED (not the marine version that just came out)

Spectapure RO/DI 90gpd



Clearly Almost all of this entire setup is Garbage for the New Purchase! So I am asking what would be YOUR suggestions.. I don't want to see well mine is bigger then yours posts either, just suggestions for equipment and reasoning please.

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6 bulb T5 and pair of Korallia 750s or MP10. Light and flow are most important, but must also reflect what you are interested in taking care of.

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Well you could use a lot of that for a fuge. The glass-holes.com 700 gph is pretty nice with a pump running around 50% of the 700.


Use the koralia in the display, grab another one for it too. I'm using the odyssea 24" light on my 40B and it's working pretty well. Pretty good for $139.

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Depending on what you want to keep 4 or 6 bulb T5 or MH T5 combo. Definately get a vortech. I have an mp20 on mine and thats it. So if I was you I would look at 2 mp10 or 1 mp40. I aslo have the GH kit and seems to work well but any of proven overflows will work.


Good luck


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