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Fumbled Coral


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I picked up a gorgeous bubble coral. While trying to find the perfect position the coral slipped and hit the glass instantly slicing the flesh and exposing its septa in the area. Here's a picture of the damage. What are the odds of it healing and is there anything i can do to prevent an infection?


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It should be ok, you can try dipping it in a dilute lugols iodine solution to prevent infection, but other wise leave it alone, make sure it has low-moderate flow, and medium light

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The original placement of the coral imo was optimal so I have not moved it. I notice some brown coloration on the exposed skeleton which I fear to be algae. I also notice what seems like a slice going down into the base of the coral, this is exactly where one of the septa blades sliced the flesh. I have continued regular feedings, haven't done any dip yet. I was hoping it would recover on its own as it's feeding very well. I'll try to post some new pictures soon.

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It will recover fine if you feed it regularly.


I had a maroon that buried half of my bubble in the sand while I was on vacation. The buried half completely sloughed off but the healthy side is fine. It still hasn't fully recovered but it will.

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