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I recently purchased 5 frags from Craig and I was extremely pleased!


I bought a frag of Tubbs Blues, Green Implosions, Eagle Eyes, a neon green toadstool, and a frag of blue cloves for $40 (including shipping).


He sent:


~9 Tubbs Blues polyps

-10 Eagle Eye polyps

-a beautiful neon green toadstool (~1")

-2 Green Implosion palys

~20ish blue clove polyps

AND a 1/2"x1/2" frag of GSP for FREE!!


It was all sent priority, with a heat pack. Temps in my area were in the highs around 15*F and lows in the single digits. Everything survived because they were pack so well. Craig did a great job, and I will definitely be a repeat buyer.

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