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Adding an Arduino to an LED array


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Hi, my led array has been serving me quite well and I figured I should add an arduino to control a fade on/off and an RTC to determine whent he fades should occur.



The first step is to use the arduino to fade in and out but I'm absolutely confused as to what is needed and how it works.


Can someone confirm my understanding which is:


the arduino will control the current applied to the circuit through a PWM and a transistor which will create the fading effect..


any advice would be much appreciated.



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i think the adurino can supply the 5v reference voltage , but i would imagine that the grounds might need to be connected or something


sorry buddy, dont really understand what your trying to say?

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i built the device linked above it was pretty easy and ihave no electronic knowledge at all. you should read the thread and let me know if you want to build it i have an extra board ive been sitting on.

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