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Kelli's 12 gal Aquapod


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Hi Guys!


This is my newest saltwater exploit and my first nanotank. I'm looking to do some soft corals and some zoa's. I'm planning on a small tank raised clown and a watchman goby. The tanks been up for four days and is clearing up from a pretty major bacteria bloom.


I'm filtering with floss, reef carbon, and some Fluval pre-filter media. I bought the system used and it just has the stock lighting in it , but i'm looking into something stronger.


Rock formation is a work in progress. I currently have: 3lbs of LS, and 6 lbs of LR.



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Remember...you can put two 32W bulbs on the Aquapod 12...no mods or anything, the stock ballasts can handle up to 32w bulbs which brings your tank up to a total of 64w. Not bad for a 12g stock tank. I dont think alot of people know that those ballasts can take the bigger bulbs without alterations. :D Oh and if youre unsure about it, take a look at Currents page...they say you can use 32w bulbs with a stock AP12. Ive got mine running with 1x Dual Actinic 32w and 1x Dual Daylight 32w...awesome lighting.

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