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Tough time with Nems


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ok guys,


Im having a tough time keeping anemones. This is my second one and its not looking so good. I got a green bubble tip anemone from my LFS about a week and a half ago. It looked great in their tank. I drip acclimated it for about and hour and half. As soon as i put it in the tank it attached to the rock and made a break for a cave in my tank. It stayed there for about a week. I was a little worried about it being in the dark for so long so i moved the rock it was attached to into the light. Today I was looking at it and it's mouth is wide open... only now it doesn't look like a mouth because i can see straight through it to the rock. There aren't any guts hanging out or anything and it is still inflated. My tank stats are almost perfect so I can't figure out why i can't keep an anemones for more than a couple of weeks. I've included a pic. But im assuming its on deaths door. Ive got some zoanthids and xenia that are doing just fine. Any pointers would be appreciated...


My tanks stats are:


Tank is about 6 months old.

Nano Cube 28

Lighting: Nanotuners 5.6 LED


Amonia: 0ppm

Nitrite: 0ppm






Specific Gravity: 1.026


All tested today.

Paramaters dont change at all from week to week.


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Are you running a Reefkeeper or, do you have any other means to dim your lights? I have the same lights from Nanotuners and i found them to be far too bright for most things when left at 100%. I run mine at about 20% on the white and 50% on the blues. If the nem took to a cave, it maybe that your lights are far too bright.

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I was just reading an article in a magazine, saying that people had more success with anemones in lower light, than higher light. That's why people in the past did better with them.

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Im not dimming them at all. In fact i didnt know they were dimable.. ill check that out


They probably aren't unless you modified them to be dimmable or got one of the new driver boxes that they ship them with now.

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Traditionally, nems like high light... however, you might be giving it too much.


Let's apply some common sense here, the nem knows itself better than you know it.


The nem can move.


If the nem didn't like being in the direct light and retreated to a dark cave, it had a damn good reason to.


...just sayin.

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