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Live rock looking bleached out


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I reciently added my clean up crew, lawmower blenny and 3 lbs of live rock to my tank. Prior to this I had 21 lbs andThe tank had cycled for about 4 1/2 weeks before I did this..Within two days, all of my rock lost most of its color and almost looks like its just kinda bare/bleached... Im newish to saltwater and was wondering what is going on,


I still have algae or whatever growing on the glass and on the sand/little bit of crushed coral. I was wondering if I need to put something in there to help feed the clean up crew maybe?? Also, with the new rock came a new diatom bloom - :huh:



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What you are more than likely seeing is the coraline bleaching out, this is really pretty normal. Don't worry it comes back. It sometimes takes awhile, but it does normally come back.

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