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1/2 Gal Pico Idea, would it be possible?


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Hello Guys, this is my first time posting but ive been reading posts like for ever :)


now while i was watching some of the pico pics you guys have in the posts while at work.. i started looking at my Programming Buddy... my Betta and noticed that his aquarium migth be able to become a nice pico.


would a tank this small would be able to become a pico or am i just fantasizing.


the tank is 5.5 x 5.5 x5.5inches here is a pic



so what you think guys?? i was thinking maybe using an aquaclear 20?? ( i havent acutally seen how big this filter is but my guess is that it has to be arround 5inches wide by 5 talll)

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Any size tank can be a pico. The thing I would watch out for is the material the tank is made of. If it is just a plastic tank cleaning it will be a pain and most likely scratch the heck out of it. Also, with a tank that small you will have to stay on top of parameter swings and probably have to topoff once or twice a day. Just some things to think about.

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Thanks for the welcome :P


jum interesting topping off water and parameters ownt be a problem... it will be sitting in my desk at work so ill see it everyday .. well exept on weekeds... ouch, i just ordered a aquaclear 30, lets see when it comes how bit it is and see if its Betta Tank compatible. if it is i think ill start this pico, problem will be getting the corals... over here in PR they are expensive! and even if the pet shop had some accidental frags they would charge you the cost of the mother coral minus 5 bucks...... lol. anyone knows where i can get some nice LEDS to build this thing some lights?

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you should take a look at Brandon429's 1/2 gallon sps tank. He has it fully stocked with mainly sps and still maintains healthy corals. You could try going with the sealed method so you won't have to worry about top off and swinging parameters as much. As for lights...it really all depends on you. If you're good with that stuff then just goto the sponsors section and look for nano customs or rapid led and search through their diy led kits. If not, then maybe you could get a par38 bulb with an adjustable fixture. It's definitely overkill, but that way if you want to keep sps you know you have enough power. If you want to tone it down just move the bulb higher up.

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wow, just amazing!!! just saw Brandon429 half gallon and vase pico, Stunning and beautiful! but for it being sealed how does the gas exchange occurs? and on a side note was reading up and looking for the hydor pico evo but i haven't seen anywhere the dimensions to this small pump any on knows? im interested in the 1200 model.

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hi thank you guys for considering the option glad you are starting up one. the gas exchange occurs because the lid for the tank sits an inch above the actual water line, in the sealed tank. that little bit of space is enough to mimick an open topped tank, because the lid can be raised to service/feed the tank and that refreshes the inner area.


the internal refugium helps, but is not the totality of gas exchange its still occurring in the natural manner.


for your tank I wouldn't mess with the refugium, next time I build another Im not. just going to seal it normally and be sure and raise the lid once or twice a week to refresh, far simpler. the fact I do 100% water changes once or twice a week further negates the need for the refugium as a waste binder. it was neat to have but in hindsight and with further testing of sealed tanks not totally needed.

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