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Plumbing is blowin my mind


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This might seem like a dumb idea but I am clueless. I am considering a drilled tank with an internal overflow. I was wondering about the return pump. Does it matter if the pump is rated lower than water flows into the sump. Theoretically the return pump is what makes the water pass through the overflow. So the water leaving the display would be the same as the volume in the return. Am I wrong? Please let me know if this is right or wrong. Thanks



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you got it, so long as your return pump (and return max flow rate) dont exceed your overflow capacity your good


a little wiggle room is nice in case you get a bit of algae in there or whatnot

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You're right on track. If you have an overflow/drain that can handle 1000gph and your return pump is rated for 600gph at 4' of head, then your 400gph will be flowing through your overflow/drain.

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