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Is this a good clean up crew for a 4gal


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Since I will be getting a 4 gal finnex soon and starting it I would like to know if this would be a good clean up crew for it.


2 Dwarf Ceriths


1 Nassarius


2 Florida Ceriths


3 Small to Medium Nerites


is this good or should I add some thing else or take something off the list





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sounds good to me, but you might wanna start with half that, and add on as your tank matures. I find that my tanks now need larger CUCs than right after cycling. Plus there isn't a good bioload on the tank yet, so feeding is going to be minimal.

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it depends, your snails may then be at risk, but blue legs are good versatile cleaners.


definitely start with half that amount like mentioned, and do 1-2 nerites. 3 is excessive. add the florida ceriths later IMO if you feel like your horde of dwarf cerith arent keeping up (they'll multiply if both survive)

also add the nas snail later as well. you dont want it starving. you should add it when you are feeding something regularly in the tank (such as your fish or corals)

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