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Will an Odyssea 2x39w T5HO Ballast Drive 2x24w T5HO Bulbs?


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I have a spare Odyssea 2x39 T5 fixture lying around that used to be above my 36" tank. I am somewhat interested in modifying the fixture so that it could fit over my 30" tank. The physical modification would be easy, I would just need to cut a few inches from the aluminum. Obviously, the bulbs that originally fit in the the fixture would no longer work so I would need to use 24" bulbs.


Can the Odyssea ballast adjust for the shorter bulbs or would they just be overdriven by 15 watts each?


I understand this means little, but on the website they only offer 1replacement ballast type; is it possible this is the same t5 ballast they use in all of their fixtures? I have no idea because my ballast has absolutely zero information on it.


Any advice is appreciated.

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Based on what I saw in their 18W ballasts, I wouldn't risk it. Fulham ballasts are cheap, and are more capable than any of the Odyssea ballasts.

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