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Coral Banded Shrimp Breeding

Reef Goddess

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So is it possible to raise coral banded shrimp in captivity? I have a mated pair of gold coral banded shrimp and the female is always carrying eggs. I'm guessing its not possible since there seems to be no info out there on breeding them.

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Seems like the size and fragile nature of the larvae make it all but impossible for the most experienced breeders. Not saying it can't be done but looks way beyond most.

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RG, I saw an article on Google a few weeks ago about a guy who moved to vietnam or something for retirement . . .

He set up a dedicated shrimp breeder tank and was raising deco aquarium cleaner shrimps(def saltwater, not those cherry FW things).

The setup was pretty involved, but once built it seemed pretty straightfoward.


You gotta keep the larvae suspended and their food suspended in a rolling motion.

Ill see if I can find the link again, I was interested in trying it out on fireshrimps, it could be quite lucrative.


IMO- yes it can be done.

The problem is that most people have their shrimps in the display/reef tank, but you need the correct setup in a barebones, dedicated tank.


Imma see if I cant find that article, really interesting and totally do-able.


ETA- its not the pdf that comes up, the article Im talkin about made that pdf seem basic and for beginners, I dont remember how or where I found it, shoulda bookmarked it . . . Im tryin.


I cant find it, man I shoulda bookmarked it.

The jist is that you cant have corners or high flow, its alot like raising clownfish larvae in most respects, tho the shrimp larvaes are much much more sensitive(much more).

I know I was looking up info about fire shrimps when I found the article, and it was definately not on the first page of hits, probably not even on the 5th page . . .

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Sounds like a down the road project as I am officially out of space for more tanks in my one bedroom. I have 6 tanks in one room now. :P

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When my housing situation is resolved, I might give it a try.

Like I said, could be quite lucrative if I have success.


I see more people wanting fire shrimps than CBSs, as you can have a bunch in one tank.

I myself wouldnt have a tank with no fire shrimps in it . . .

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Since my wine hasn't made me fully sleepy yet, I got a few pics for you. They're not the best since its hard for my camera not to focus on their long whiskers. The female is on the left, her belly has a greenish tinge from all the eggs she is carrying. They've grown quite a bit since I first got them, but they are still only about 2" long (not including whiskers).







My lovely black cap was in the mood for a cameo. Def my favorite small fish.



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Nice, I tried a long time ago to have 2 in one tank, and you can guess how it worked out.

Thanks for the pics, those are really pretty shrimps!

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