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Adding Fuses/resistors to buckpuck LED build


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Hi All, I have been seeing some chatter lately on adding fuses and resistors to some LED builds. I notice most of these seem to be on Meanwell based builds with parallel wiring.


is there any reason why this should or should not be implemented in a small buckpuck based build. I am planning a build with 2 1000ma bucks each driving 6 leds wired in series. (24v 2.5a laptop supply).

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Fuse the power side if you wish, but there is no point in fusing the LED side. The LEDs will pop faster than the fuse will if something goes wrong. No need for resistors. Most of the talk about using resistors with parallel wiring is more for taking current measurements (1 ohm resistor placed in series, voltage across the resistor is equal to the drive current). Seeing as the Buckpuck has a defined upper limit, unlike the Meanwells which are adjustable, there isn't much need for the resistors, unless you want to monitor current all the time.

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Thanks Evil. I'm just curious, and of course want to take all measures to prevent burning my place down ;) .


So it might be a good idea to put one between the power supply and the input for the buck? Should i use 1A or more?



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