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Splitting coral skeleton

sea bass

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I have a rainbow favia frag with 3 eyes that I really want to make the centerpiece of my tank. However, it has grown over the sides of the frag skeleton, but the skeleton has not increased in diameter or thickness in over a year, nor has it grown any new eyes. Almost everything else in the tank is growing except this or any other of my favias. It is directly on the crushed coral substrate (sandbed) and is target fed brine shrimp daily. I have LED lighting (18 watts total, 10k, actinics) which everything seems to like. I have had better growth of another favia when it was attached higher on the rock structure rather than on the sandbed. My parameters have remained stable for the last 2 full years without a cycle. BTW my tank is 24 nano. I am dosing Fuel as well but it hasn't really caused much increase in growth (in this one) in the last month and half.


I was wondering if I could use a band saw and split the skeleton underneath the soft tissue and separate slightly before packing rock into where the split is made (sort of like opening a book to 45 degrees, then packing foam into the newly formed "V") if that makes any sense. This would spread the surface area of the soft tissue out into a plane rather than 2 eyes on one side and one of the other like it currently is.


Just not sure how to get this beautiful coral to grow to be my centerpiece. Any thoughts or ideas would be most helpful.

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