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Braxis 35 Gallon HEXAGON


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I Started my 35 gallon Hexagon yesterday. At this point it has about 18 pounds of sand and 15 pounds of lace rock.I will be adding my 15 pounds of live rock and 10 pounds of live sand to this tank. I am upgrading from my 12 gallon aquapod.


It has been 24 hours since setup and the salinity is at 1.025 0 nitrites and 0 ammonia and 8.3 on the ph


The inhabitants

Black Ocellaris

Green Clown Goby

Fire Fish Goby


Babylon Nassarius Snail

Turbo Snail


Mushroom coral


Those guys are what is in my 12 gallon and going over to the 35. I am going to wait until I know that the Hex is stable before I move everyone over.


I think that I want to eventually do a planted/coral I would also like to add another fish one that does not hide as much as the two gobies.



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The tank has been running for 6 days now. On the third day I added a white lyretail molly and some bio-balls and small live rock pieces. I have had no ammonia or nitrites at all. For filtration I have a Aqueon 55 that I will be placing my filter media in. At this point I think that I am ready to transfer my lr,ls and fish over to the new tank.

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if the rock/sand was dry before, I would agree, just add everything over. I've done that multiple times with other tanks, did that with my 40 too, and everything survived.

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if the rock/sand was dry before, I would agree, just add everything over. I've done that multiple times with other tanks, did that with my 40 too, and everything survived.

Was there any spikes in you water when you transfered over?

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to be honest, I dont really test my water, I go by how my corals look. there may have been a small spike in nitrate or phosphate, because I got (still have a tiny bit) diatoms for a few days, but nothing serious, since, again, nothing died (including snails, starfish, featherduters, etc)

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Another hex thread B) B) can't wait to see how it progresses what are you doing for lighting?

For now I am using my aquapod lighting which is the combined 54 watts. I want to add micros so I am looking at the Odyssea 20 inch 72 watt T5HO.


My fish are in bags right now about to be released. It will be a big surprise for them.

On a sad note my firefish is gone it died and I thing my nassarius snail made lunch out of him :tears:

But will be replaced with a purple fire fish in a few weeks.

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And now cloudy pics :P





Found my fire fish in the back of the aquapod filtration this morning after it was mostly drained. I scooped him up and tossed him in the new tank. He is now doing well and eating....... weird :blink:

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My tank has has been stocked since the 12 and no ammonia, nitrates, or nitrites. The molly had to go it ate most of my chaeto. My tank is looking good and I want some new residents but I still want to wait a little longer for non plant inhabitants. Here is am updated pick that is clear



Any suggestions on what low light macros that could be added?

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I went to the lfs to test my salinity cause my refractometer is having issues with seals. And I seen this little guy and wanted him so I got him :wub:




Jaq chased him around for a little bit and when I turned off the lights they where swimming around the tank together.


Edit: He was labeled as a misbar percula

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Nice tank! I used to have a hexagon, probably the exact same one you have.


Are you using a mix of black and white sand?

I am using a mix of the black and white. I got the black sand and added my white from my tank. I like the results that it gave me it turned out even cooler than what was in my head. :lol:

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I got in my new Odyssea t5 4 bulb 72 watt light fixture in and on the tank. Much better so here are the pics of the light new fish and the addition of green gracilaria and ulva

post-62108-1298519004_thumb.jpg post-62108-1298519021_thumb.jpg

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Tanks looking nice. you should open a picasa or photobucket account and link the photos in with "" handles. I'm adding you to the hex thread now.

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