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My custom 15in cube (pic heavy)


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I just got a new camera (canon rebel xt) and these are my first attempt at pictures. I am very beginner so don't hate on the pics too much. I'd really appreciate any feedback or suggestions on them. I have not edited them at all. Straight from camera to here.


Tank is a custom 15in cube made by picotanks. Its been setup since July. 20lbs live rock. 10lbs live sand.


Lighting is a maxspect 60w LED light. (very bright)


2 true percula clowns. About 10 snails and hermits. 1 cleaner shrimp.


Approximately 15 different zoos. Frogspawn, a few ricordias, a bunch of mushrooms, green star polyps, clove polyps, crocea clam, xenia, and about 3 or 4 different sps frags.


I do water changes weekly (2-3 gallons). No skimmer. I feed about 5 times a week. Tank has a JBJ auto top off.













Any feedback/comments welcome!

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Wow cant believe no ones commented, this is an absolutely SWEET tank! and very good pics!


your SPS looks good, you only do water changes?

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