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Cheeto's JBJ 12 DX


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Bought a used JBJ 12 DX a few weeks ago and figured I should start a build thread. This is my first AIO tank and also my first experience with a controller. I had a 30 gallon tall pre-Katrina and this is my first tank since. Let me know what you think !


Birth Date: 1-26-2011


Current Stock:

15lbs yourreef.com LR

15lbs live sand from LFS

Handful of Chaeto and Caulerpa in the display area (Will remove when I start stocking)

Chaeto in converted refugium


Current Equipment:

Maxijet 900 as return

ATO AquaLifter

RKL with SL1 and pH probe

DIY eggcrate fuge and media rack

2x24 50 50 Compact Fluorescent

13W DIY CFL home depot refugium light

2 Blue LEDs controlled by DIY Lunar cycle box

Locline split in main display


Chamber configuration:

1: Filter floss, media rack with 100ml Purigen

2: Chaeto on egg crate

3: pH Probe, RKL temp probe, back up digital temp probe, heater, ATO float switch, ATO return, MaxiJet 900


Planned Stock:

Yasha or High fin goby paired with pistol shrimp

Lots of Ricordia Florida (I have 10 waiting for me in a friends tank)

Lots of Zoanthids

5 x Sexy Shrimp

1 x Skunk Cleaner shrimp

2x pom pom crabs

5 micro blue hermits

5 Nassarius snails

5 Astrea snails

Maybe one other small goby


Problems encountered so far:

My pH swings from 8.09 to 8.25 per day, should I be concerned about this ?


I was having a very hard time keeping the tank below 82 degrees before installing the RKL, I found out that the built in thermostat on the heater is off by 3-4 degrees.


I plan on always adding the current FTS to the top of this thread and bumping the old ones down.

Current FTS shot 2-7-2011



FTS 1-28-2011



Rear Chambers


Organized Rear Chambers


Feather dusters


WE CAN REBUILD HIM ! Installing new toys RKL and ATO


Modified SL1 to not need Digital Aquatics $15 Molex connectors


$20 Craigslist table with equipment installed


DIY Lunar Cycle controller, shows current day in binary (currently not set correctly)


Building the controller


MyReef 2.0 Screenshot showing I LOVE THIS PROGRAM


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Ordered 5 sexy shrimp for the tank, should be here next monday.


Also been thinking about upgrading the tank to a ADA 75-P. Played with Google Sketchup to design a stand and see how it would fit into the living room.

The stand is big enough to fit two 20 longs next to each other. ADA 75-P has a gloss-holes 700gph overflow, 1 closed loop strainer, 2 closed loop outs and the return. All 1/2" bulkheads.





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Something has been going on with my pH it used to stay between 8.1 and 8.3. The peak started dropping off a few days ago so I did a water change, that seems to have lowered it even more and now it stays between 7.92 and 8.10. The start of the pH drop coincided with adding my clean up crew, they have since plowed down a considerable amount of hair algae from the rocks. Could the lowered plant life in the tank be causing the lower pH swings ?



Peaks are main lights turning off and valleys are main light turning on.


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