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Reef Cleaners Rocks!


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good lord, lol. how many pounds?

600lbs. I think I'm going to need some help getting half of them in the tank, three of them for sure.

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400 i think, no? maybe I am wrong.

I think you are right, for some reason I had 600 in my head but I thought about it and I'm not even sure if it would be possible to stuff that much rock in these tanks and I usually shoot for the 1.5lbs/gal rule. It went in a 210 and 125g so 400 sounds about right.


The fish are happy! Right now they are spending most of their time finding the caves I made.


Here is my 210g angel tank (mostly new but some seeded reef cleaners rock is in there from past orders)



Here is my second 125g reef/frag tank, as my main SPS reef outgrows itself I will frag out the corals and put them in here.


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bill from ups just came in ( :eek::lol: ), it did turn out to be 600 pounds after all, I think we shipped your original order instead of the 2nd by mistake.



Hold onto that rock, it is now LE, the last of the freight shipment for a bit, I have to learn logistics. :)

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