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quick question regarding stocking


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I've been in and out of reef keeping for years, but this is my first venture into the nano world. I'm going to be picking up a biocube 14 in the very near future. Once my cycle is complete, is it safe to add a pair of clownfish together, or should I just add one at first? All of my experience is in 100+ gallon systems, so I'm not quite sure how much this will spike the bio load. Also, I'm noticing lots of designer clownfish around. These weren't around when I was last keeping tanks (or at least they weren't as popular). How are these guys in regards to hardiness compared to their non-designer counterparts? I'm thinking of picking up a pair of picasso clowns and then adding a clown goby a few months later. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the input. Does anyone have any insight to the hardiness of designer clowns? Also, is it ok to add both as my "first fish" or will that spike the bio load too much initially? Thanks!

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Pretty much the same as any other clown, hardiness wise. Minus the brook. That's usually relegated to wild caughts. one of the advantages of captive breeding.


2 at once will be fine. Get em both small. One slightly bigger than the other, if possible. I don't see any issues arising by adding one at 1" and the other at 1 1/2"

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