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I have a PowerShot A3100IS


I have read the tutorial and searched the forum but the settings it suggests are not settings I can find on my camera and I don't know the lingo yet to be able to know what they are talking about. I can actually get a pretty "crisp" picture using the tutorial but the colors aren't right.


Does anyone have this camera and know what settings I should be looking at?

Here are the options I have:


ISO: Auto 80 100 200 400 800 1600

AWB: AWB DayLight Cloudy Tungsten Flourescent FlourescentH Custom

Colors: Off Vivid Neutral Sepia B/W Custom

Evaluative Center Average Spot

L M1 M2 M3 S W

Digital Zoom



Exposure: Range from (-2) to (+2)

AF Assist Beam

AF point Zoom


I am sure there are others I can look for if I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated.



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an example pic would help, but if your colors aren't right it's a white balance issue. you can either try to set a custom white balance using the camera, or adjust it with post processing software.


what mode are you using? auto i assume?

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yeah, a sample photo is really needed to narrow it down. like vic said though, it might be easier to fix a photo in photoshop or gimp than to get it perfect right off the camera.


a possible combo that could work would be Cloudy white balance with Vivid color.

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I don't own that Canon, but I own several others, from point and shoots up through DSLRs. If you're shooting outside, put the ISO on 80 or 100, the AWB (auto white balance) on daylight, and the colors on vivid. Inside can go around 200 ISO and adjust the AWB to the type of lighting in the room.


Pick one place outside to take pictures, and then make a series of pictures changing just one thing at a time and compare your results. Outside is easier - that way you don't have to fool with the flash just yet.

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Thank you for the replies.


Here is a sample pic taken with the following settings (unedited)

ISO- 80

Flash - Off

Colors - Vivid

White Balance - Custom (I set it to custom and push a button to adjust before taking the picture)

Exposure +1



Here is a pic of the same yuma taken by someone else. This has been edited but it is actually much closer to what it looks like in my tank.


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fix the focus first. then, work on the exposure - your photo is washed out because it's overexposed. either get friendly with your camera's AE lock, or set the exposure to -1 or -2.

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also use a tripod, otherwise your shutter speed will be way too slow at ISO 100 to get a handheld shot in focus.


The pic of what you're aiming for has also been edited extensively in post and it looks like it was taken under actinics. Just some food for though.

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Here is another try:


Adjusted Exposure to -2

Moved back from the coral to get better focus

I don't have a tripod but I will try to borrow one.




I know the other pic has been edited but it is closer to what I see than what my picture looks like.

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looks like -2 was a little too much. still though, it's workable:


OK, so "-2 was a little too much" means that it is a bit underexposed, correct?

Meaning...not enough light was allowed into my lens???


Here is an attempt set at -1:






I don't have any advanced editing software but I have iPhoto which lets you adjust:










Reduce Noise


Here is an edited pic:


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Jeremai (and the others), thanks for the help. I had been messing with the settings and was actually making adjustments that were making it worse. Always helps to get expert eyes.


The only problem is that taking pictures is almost as addicting as the reef itself...now I want to find a DSLR camera so I can take those sweet macro shots.

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or just buy macro rings from ebay for like $10.


but you'll never get really crisp shots like that.


Works well enough for someone who doesn't want to spend a ton of money on a macro lens though. :)

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have you got examples?


Here are a few. They aren't great, but i think they suffice. It was my first crack at turning the lens around.









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