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Not really. The 4 rows is fine, but 14 LEDs will not cover the length of the tank very well. 20 per row would be a lot better.

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Are 4x14 cree xp-e, 1:1 blue/white ratio enough for a 55"x20" x22" high tank?


I want to put every coral that comes through my mind.


Thank you.


General rule of thumb I use is 10-15 square inches of surface space per LED.

Taking that into consideration you should be looking at 73-110 LEDs for 1100 sq inches of surface space.


To keep SPS on the sand you want to be closer to 10.


As evil suggested, 4 rows of 20 leds would put get you 80 LEDs which would put you in the above range and let you keep most corals.

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