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Please help i.d. this


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Hey I just bought a polyp frag from (what I thought was) a very reputable local fish store.

When I got home and finally put the frag in my tank I noticed a few bristle worms coming out.

Today I also noticed this tan colour, cucumber worm like creature leaving the frag.

It's about 1/4" of an inch in length.

I'm hoping to find out the name of this thing and whether it's reef safe or not.





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Looks like a nudi branch to me...


Bristle worms are everywhere - that's just part of the territory.


The nudi on the other hand can be a problem - different ones eat different kinds of corals. You should remove it immediately to be safe. Then examine the frag that it came on for eggs. If the eggs hatch in your tank you'll be dealing with them for a while. The eggs will be white and typically for the shape of a C - if you got zoa's check the stock of each zoa and if you find any you should blot them off with a towel as dipping the coral will not kill the eggs.


Nudi's can also be different colors depending on diet.


You should get in a habit of inspecting and dipping corals before putting them in your tank.

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