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24" T5HO Fixture over a 20" Tank?


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Does anyone see any problems with using a 24" fixture over a tank that is 20x20? I was thinking of doing something like a 24" 4bulb ATI fixture. Will there be too much stray light? Or will i have coverage issues? And you guys think it would look weird with the whole, 2" overhang on each side? Or maybe 1.5" overhang.. Not sure what the exact dimensions are of the ATI fixture.



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I tried something simular. The bigghest problem will be light spill off the ends of the tank, looks like crap. I just spray painted the first and last 2 inches of splashguard black. perfect..if you dont mind the overhang.

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that'll def be enough light with the ATI fixture.


SPS in top half


no idea on light spillage though. maybe you could cover the edges somehow if it was well vented? I don't know just thinking out loud.

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yea, i cant imagine there being much problem with the overhang other then light spillage on the sides (as plantman said). maybe you can build some kind of custom light reflector to contain that light

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True.. i'm just mostly worried about coverage and light spill. I mean.. what's the point of buying an expensive fixture if you can't get the full use of it.

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