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Fish for a 14gallon?


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So I have a year old 14 gallon biocube that up untill now held two clowns and their anemone. After selling them and their host. I am left with a fishless tank.

So far I just have my CUC and one Blood shrimp, and I'm trying to decide what fish to add.


I also have a very huge bristle worm infestation, and while I do want some, I can count 10-15 worms coming out of my rock at any given time. I have heard that Six line Wrasse will eat them so I am considering one, plus there so colorful!


My other considerations would be a Royal Gramma, Firefish, or Orchid Dottyback . Also would a Flame Angel do well in a 14 gallon?


I like the idea of either a Six line (or Flame Angel, if possible) and one (maybe two small) fish.


Any idea's on combinations or other suggested fish?

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Flame angel with another small fish would probly be too much. I've heard that Angels do best in tanks of 20gal or larger. How about a clown and a small goby? Just my .02


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I already have a shrimp, so I'm probably not going to get another one. And I was going to do something other than clownfish. Has anyone had an experiences with sixlines eating bristle worms?

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Six lines are fun but it might have to be the only fish in the tank as they can get aggresive, but you could try a goby. Remember gobies dont have to have a shrimp to survive.

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I think the bristleworm population will take care of itself. They tend to have higher populations when there's overfeeding and other things. Without excess food, the population will dwindle back. It's nothing you should worry about.


And for the fish suggestion, I believe there's a thread (used to be a sticky?) called Igreen's nano fish guide. Tons of different ideas on that thread!

Link to the thread: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=74703

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I have a Coral Beauty in my 29g biocube, and it does well. But i would imagine a 14 would be a little too small for it in terms of swimming room as they get to be medium sized. Maybe a firefish?

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a 14g would definitely be too small for any of the dwarf angels, save for maybe a small cherub. most will say a 15g is the minimum for smaller dwarves (those that stay around 3"; multicolors, cherubs, flamebacks, too, I think), 29g minimum for any of the midsized dwarves (those that stay closer 4"; flames, coral beauties, halfblacks, rusty, etc), and 40-55g mimimum for the larger ones (those that grow to 6" and more; lemonpeels, singapore, keyhole, etc). personally, I think the only angel you could even think about keeping in a tank this small would be a cherub, though they tend to be pretty nasty little fish in regards to tankmates. plus, there's always the risk of them nipping, though these tend to be among the most reef-safe.


as for your other choices, I think that all would work seperately, but mix anything but the gramma and firefish, and you're going to have problems. the firefish is too peaceful, and the others have very similar body shapes.


I'd suggest a sixline wrasse (I love mine), and goby/pistol pair, maybe add a second blood shrimp, too. IME sixlines are b*tchy with new additions, but wont go out of their way to bother fish who were established before them and dont look similar/ inhabit similar areas of the tank (mine occasionally wars with my damsel and gramma in my 40, attached my clowns when I added them, but leaves my angel, hawk, and goby alone). they really are great fish, and come to think of it, I have noticed fewer bristle worms in the sixline's tanks (a 29 and then a 40) despite increased feedings, which would normally cause their populations to go up.

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