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Fruit loop Zoas question


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I have gotten a small frag of Fruit loop zoas of about 7 zoas from a fellow reefer. They were out right away when i bought them but now its been about a week and a couple of them have not been out for about 3 days My question is where abouts do you have these zoas sitting? high, middle or Low in the tank? I'm running a pair of T5s and i have a 30gal tall.






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Sometimes if zoas are unhappy they will melt. It sounds like yours are starting to melt, but that's just my opinion. I had a colony of purple hornets melt, leaving me with only three polyps. IME, deep water zoas are more likely to melt than others. IIRC, Fruit Loops are deep waters.


EDIT: Your lighting is fine, and IME zoas grow faster and are more colorful if they are closer to the light. If you give zoas more flow they will develop longer skirts, and the skirts on your zoas look medium-longish, so personally I would place them in moderate flow. If you have any more questions, LMK.

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