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Do!Aqua 12" Cube : Invert Paradise


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This tank was going to be a NPS tank to complete my three tier set up but life has has been to busy to have it set up that way. Instead the goal of this tank is longevity. My current 35g is going on two years and I want the same for this tank. Oh and its all about the inverts! I have been fascinated with small inverts for some time but not until the past year have suppliers been carrying them. Layers up Monti caps with tiny shrimps running around...paradise for me!


Inverts - I hope to have these all paired or in groups besides the Maxi.

  1. Bongo Shrimp
  2. Glass Anemone Shrimp - Periclimenes brevicarpalis
  3. Urocaridella sp. - Tiny Guys
  4. Thor amboinensis - Sexy Shrimp
  5. Stichodactyla tapetum - Maxi Mini


The equipment is going to be super simple. I plan to DIY a canister filter with running a "closed loop" with a series of lily pipes then through a small carbon reactor then bio-pellets then through the return lily pipe. I will hide the heater and other gizmo's through a small looking box that will resemble a "overflow". Oh and this baby will be lit by 18 LED's in my own housing that I CNC.


I was going to go with BRS dry rock but the more I think about it I really want to go with live rock. I want to go with mostly monti caps to give the tank multi levels and dimension. Blue Polyp Cap, ATL Pink, Purple Rimmed, Orange.


CNC Housing - 8.5x2.5x1 It will be anodized black.


18 LED with plenty of room to expand :D



Backbone to the system





Hope to have this guy cycling this week!





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Water and rock in! Searching for a used MP10. Three glass anemone and five sexy shrimp ordered today and will be here Wednesday.



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I really can't wait to see this Dave!!

Really looking forward to seeing some tiny shrimps.


BTW Bongo Shrimp are not part of Alpheus. The genus Alpheus is snapping shrimps and pistol shrimps.


tell that to the 175 dollar smore clown i lost =(

Maxi minis don't have a symbiotic relationship with clownfish, they do with these shrimp though.

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nips - I know clowns wont host. Maybe why your maxi's made smores out of them.


animal - Thank bud. Will change and thanks for the heads up. Changing now. Hows your tank coming?


The LED's look unreal over this thing. Hopefully I can add the caps this weekend.



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animal - Thank bud. Will change and thanks for the heads up. Changing now. Hows your tank coming?

My tank is coming along alright. Decided to do dry rock instead of live rock which is a huge decision. Right now I'm doing research as to where I should buy it and if I should do DIY rock. Hopefully it will have water in it soon.

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I know a terrible photo with equipment and all showing. The maxi-jet is there until the other stuff in finished along with the heater. Once everything is cleaned up you will see how cool this rock is. Its like a freshwater piece of drift wood.





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I picked up five sexy shrimp, one glass anemone shrimp, Maxi and a pair of ORA neon blue gobies.


Looks like the maxi found a home last night so hopefully I'll have some photo tonight.



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