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my collection thus far


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Well my tank has been up and running since mid April 2010. All started with just wanting to keep a simple nano with a Yasha goby and shrimp pair and just have a zoanthid and ricordea garden. Well now being ten months into the thank, still no yasha, just a generic ocellaris clown, two skunk cleaners (the two buggers keep digging food out of acans), a pepermint shrimp. For CUC i have two blue hermits (regretting them at times), three scarlet hermits, an emerald crab, and astrea, ceriths, and nassarius snails (i had 5 nassarius, but i think my acans ate all but 2).

Enough for the boring critters. As I stated, it started as a budget simple planed tank and ideas. well I caught the coral bug... and I haven't looked back. As stated, starting with some zoanthids and a single ricordea, I caught first the acan fever, then switched from a single 55w PC bulb to a 4x24w T5HO, got a clam, and now cant stop thinking about SPS! I also have a Maxi mini anemone and setting up a pico just for more of them and sexy shrimp! I'm HOOKED!!


some of my favorites including the sps that i just started with 3 weeks ago (GARF purple bonsai and Cali Tort) and a cool unknown frag i picked up 2 weeks ago that was brown so cheap, cant wait till it colors up


I'll have to take a new FTS as the most recent one i have is months old.






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As promised, a FTS and some more, after a glass scraping that is lol. As for lighting, most of what I've read says they will do fine since they aren't very far from the light itself. I have new ATI bulbs coming so that will up PAR as well. I'm just starting with the sps but its been 3 weeks and I'm seeing coloration, and new growth so I'm keeping hopes up.








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man, good luck with the clam and SPS. In my opinion, you need allot more light and flow for SPS, and not to mention the clam... what do you do for dosing? any skimming?

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I seem to have forgotten to mention this is a ten gallon with the light a out 3 inches from water surface. I've had the clam for about two months and it seems very happy.I know it will out grow this tank but I also have several tanks waiting for current residence to vacate so I can convert that would be big enough for years to come. I've been feeding both photofeast daily and oysterfeast every other. I've been target feeding acans, ricordea, and anemone two to three times a week with NL spectrum marine pellets, mysis or brine shrimp. the other night I fed krill as well. I have a ac70 fuge with cheato and ac20 with chemi pure elite. There is a korai nano PH directed right over and behind all the acros. I do a 10% water change 2-3 times a week (usually within 24 hours after feeding). I use tropic mariner and I dose with a two part supplement if I test low. No skimmer or sump to put it in.

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