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Thinking of getting a Manta Ray 12 Hi Clarity


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I am in the market for a pico sized aquarium (perferably not less than 3gal) And someone suggested picoaquariums.com. So I like the Manta Ray 12 Hi Clarity. But a few questions, is the filter strong enough or will I need to upgrade? Does it come with a glass cover? And what lighting options do you suggest? I dont want to spend alot on this because this is already costing alot :o Any input helps :)




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they are great tanks I have had a Barracuda and plan on getting a Ridge. I asked him about glass covers as there is one for the Barracda, and was told that he makes covers for most of the tanks. as for lighting I don't have any suggestions do what you like and can afford

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Picoaquariums are very nice tanks. I have the deep blue 12 with low iron glass. No top on mine, but I may have to get one in the future. Have to see what evap is like come summer.


As for lighting, Nanocustoms has some nice lighting options available for pico sized tanks. I'm sure there are others. I just went with a company I know I can trust and a long time sponsor of this site.

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