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New reef, day 1.


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These pictures are the beginning of my 12g nano reef which I started today. I ended up having about 13 pounds of live rock, a bit on the heavy side i suppose. I see it as more bio filtration I guess.


I plan to have a clown fish or two, cleaner crew, soft corals and maybe 2 other fish max if they fit.


How long do you think I should wait before adding the clowns and cleaning crew?


If you had to nit-pick my rock setup at all what would it be?






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I'd wait a solid month before adding any fish, then slowly so you bio filters can keep up with the load


Good luck!

+1, depending on how cured the rock is you might be able to do like 2 weeks if your params are stable. Just make sure to stock slowly and be careful not to overstock. As for your scape, that back left corner looks like a trap for detritus. You want as many open areas as you can, especially with your return on the other side. I can see detritus and uneaten food settling there, causing a spike in nitrates and nutrients. Like the passthrough in the middle though! Love little caves.


Good luck!

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You want to wait until your cycle is complete before you add anything.

First add a clean up crew and then add the clownfish. If you are going to have a pair of clowns you are going to need to find other very small fish to add anything more.


Is this the NC12? If so, I have one and I love it but there are a couple easy and affordable mods that make them run more effectively. You can replace the stock pump with something like the maxi-jet 900 and increase your flow. I would also suggest removing the stock sponge and using something like filter floss for mechanical filtration.


I like the caves as well. The only potential problem I see with your set up is the back left corner. I agree on the potential detrius trap (unless you hide a small powerhead back there) but it also looks like the rock is going to be too close to the glass to be able to clean in between. This will eventually drive you nuts.


Great Start.


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thanks for the help guys. now that you point out the back corner I agree. i have reconfigured. once the water clears a bit i will repost my setup.

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