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Sean151's 10G AIO


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Decided to finally make a tank thread after only 10.5 months of dragging it out. This tank is taken to and from college at least twice a year.



5.5 Lbs. of liverock

Standard 5.5AGA with added silicone and painted black back

10gallon AGA setup as AIO

AC70 w/ fuge mod and AC20 impeller

Stealth Pro heater (25W)

Fluval M 50W heater

PAR 38 20K bulb from nanocustoms

Koralia Nano (on my second one, red ball broke)



Green Clown Goby

Peppermint Shrimp (Peppy)

1-trochus snail (started w/3 and a hermit whoops)

8-dwarf ceriths

HH crab (I try to get him out on occasion)

2-HH brittle starfish (1 came w/ my RPE)





Speckled Green Implosions

Unkown zoa (Brown with green center)

ORA Loco Lobo

Green Candy Cane

Whammin' Watermellons


Current(7/22/11) FTS:



Old pictures:







I have way too many pictures, too much fun taking pictures of this. Would like to hear thoughts and opinions.

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Moved to pico section for obvious reasons. Got on the BRS group buy so I can get some egg crate to hold future coral purchases better along with some netting possibly as I run it open.

And to keep it interesting more pictures :happy:


Unknown Paly(95% sure it's a paly)


Red People Eaters doin' their thing can't believe I got this rock for $20


Magician's that colored up great in my tank



None of my photos are doctored, except the RPE's but that's to adjust the dull look the camera gives to what they really look like. Also updated my equipment list as I forgot a few things.

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Nice tank! I'm glad you joined us in the pico community. I gotta say those button palys look amazing!


Yeah, I got the camera in November and decided that I didn't have an excuse not to start up a thread. Thanks for the comment. I don't know what it is but they only grow like one or two a month and the one on the left is what they really look like.

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Funktastic Wint
Yeah, I got the camera in November and decided that I didn't have an excuse not to start up a thread. Thanks for the comment. I don't know what it is but they only grow like one or two a month and the one on the left is what they really look like.


score on the red people eaters!

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score on the red people eaters!

I got them the same time as my magicians from a store I hadn't been to (Barrier Reef) and their corals seemed expensive online. Labeled as brown zoas, I was like "I want that". Next day I flew out to Spain for two weeks and had my brother take care of the tank until i got back. They look amazing when I cover up the whites on the par38 light. My 20H planted wasn't ever as much fun as this pico. Only downside is it makes breaks from the res hall stressful as I have to either take it home for a week or trust my lack of a snail-gaurd ATO, which has failed quite a few times.

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Looks like I forgot to mention I am in the next BRS group buy. I plan to put some eggcrate in the bottom to hold more coral frags (I want acans finally and not to die after shipping again :tears: ) and this will allow me to rescape the tank for the hundredth time, changes a lot with all the moving. I also, and El Fab wanted to make sure I do this, plan on getting the 1/4" netting and set that up to protect my green clown goby after over 6 months of running topless whit him it would just suck to have him jump one day.

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Decided to put the AquaticLife 115 skimmer back in this afternoon. The film in the top became too unsightly and I had been trying to fix it after I took it apart over Winter Break. It takes up a decent amount of real estate in the tank, but it's off to the side and away from the light so it works pretty good.

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Well the skimmer seems to be working out decently, still have a few microbubbles shooting out again but that's only a minor annoyance. Noticed that my candycane is now always open at night and puffed up during lights on so I would say it's removing the chemical warfare decently.

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Took the tank back with me for Spring Break. Left the skimmer back at college and made some scape adjustments that I think might look better in the end. Pictures when everything clears up in the morning most likely.

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Holy crap I didn't even notice that I'm passed the one year mark with this tank until yesterday. Sorry for the lack of pics, been busy with Spring Break and all. I added black egg crate to the whole bottom surface to make it easier for frags to stay in place since I transport the tank so much I can't really glue it all together.

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Cool little thing I was able to find with the temporary setup during feeding.

*note: click the pic for videos to work





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LOL! "happy" toadstool.


Congrats on hitting the year mark!

Thanks, I can't believe it's been a year since I started this and a year since I first went on a date with my girlfriend.


Awesome looking tank!!!!

Thanks, I'm constantly looking at it and getting different ideas and can never decide on what I want to do next. Currently I want a short tentacle plate, yumas or acans. Somewhere down the line after I setup my AIO 10G I will get a ORA Green Birdsnest, which is one of my favorite among SPS.

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Major update in the works. Fragged my green implosions and RPE's, pics will be up at sometime soon and all frags are for sale if anyone wants some. I'm 90% done with my 10 gallon AIO. It follows hcsceos's specifications and was painted black and took me 8 months of planning, gathering supplies and scrapping my plans. I originally wanted to have 3 compartments, but space was a huge premium so I settled for 2. After 10 days in Iowa I'll be siliconing it in and begin moving things over.

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Here's the new AIO 10 gallon I've been working off and on since Thanksgiving.














I really like this one a lot more than my 5.5 with the added depth and height. Being able to view it from 2 lengths sides is something I've been wanting for awhile when I'm back in school and it really makes everything look so much bigger with the new depth and stacked rock on the filter side. I'll miss the 5.5 though as it was with me for over 1.25 years. :(

Edit: And yes, I have been using that Wheat Thins box to block out light for many months now. When I get hungry I'll eat some and then replace the box when it's done. I'm thinking about making a black acrylic top over the filter and on the length side of the refugium.

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green implosions are more green and the color is everywhere, not just in the center.

Those look like:




After looking it up a lot I came to the conclusion that is was more a color morph of a green implosion that has speckles. I could be way off base but the green has slowly been growing and the speckles stay along with the prominent line. Green Implosion just seems like the closest that fits usually and what many people use that have ones that look the same as mine speckled or not.


I think my smaller zoas with green are candy-apples, but I don't really remember when I bought them off here and it's been over a year since I cared to really look it up as hard as the paly's.


On another note, the UPS fairy stopped by to deliver my replacement heater. A Fluval M 50W heater from Drs. Foster and Smith to replace my recalled Stealth heater. Heater is now moved to the back compartment with the pump and looks sleek with the reflective glass.

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maybe those are just faded implosions and they are getting color back :)

That's what I'm thinking since a lot of zoas/palys just change color randomly and under different lighting and then get categorized as something new. Off to Sea Max today and hoping to bring back at least one acan as I've always wanted one but both died in shipping that I bought from a seller last year.

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I saw some green implosions at SeaMax and from the coralpedia ID it looks closest to Green Men From Mars, which is only ID'ed by one person so I would tend to say it doesn't have a true name attached to it. I picked up a sunset monti, acan of some sort, and an ORA green birdsnest from the awesome owner of Gonzo's Coral Frags. I also got some " <_< " corals from a local reef club I plan on becoming active in. The people setting it up their frag tank thought their salinity was 1.020 (miscalibrated refract) and their heater stuck on. I ended up getting a huge ORA pink birdsnest for $10 and it RTN'd in the bag and so far hasn't gotten better or worse. They were giving away frags it had been so bad so I took a rather large frag of zoas, was not picking up more LPS/SPS from that tank for free, and they seem to be doing fine. Picked up a bucket of D-D H2Ocean Magnesium because when I'm at school there are zero good salt brands to buy from and I'm going to run low soon. Also picked up a small moonlight for $15 from ReefKoi as I'm tired of never being able to show anyone my tank at night without turning on the actually light. Pics tomorrow of corals in my tank.

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