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Lets see your skirts


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I just added a 250 MH to my Solana. This thing is hella bright. I need to make some sort of skirt to cover the side and front. It binds me when I am in my chair. I know others have had this problem, how did you fix it. I dont want to lower it anymore than it is. Right now I have a piece of cardboard, but thats a little cheesy looking.

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WHere can I get some black acrylic? Lowes, Home Depot?



i just got some off egay.guy i got from would even then cut the bought size down to whatever wanted.

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Get some sheet aluminum and rivet/bolt it onto the MH fixture. Sort of like a stage light.


This is what I was planning on doing, however my light doesn't spill much into the room because it's ever so slightly turned inside toward the wall. Helps a lot! Assuming this is a pendant?

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