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complete aquarium systems?


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Just wondering if you guys could help me come up with a list of complete aquarium systems? I am looking to buy one and all i've found so far are the ELOS systems, Solana systems and of course, the Biocube system. Are there any others I can look into?

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Dang, that is nice. Is it easy to get a skimmer in the back?



It comes with a nano sized skimmer if you select the option so I would assume it fits

fine. I heard from another post though that its a bit unsightly. I would like to see the whole set up

with that specific skimmer in the back myself. You could just do weekly water changes and skip the skimmer though since its only a 22gal. Plus without it you would have more refugium room.

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One thing you will notice. Once you buy an all in one you usually end up molding it if your like most of those who frequent this board. So. My advice is purchase for aesthetics as mods are typically not to difficult. One thing to keep in mind. Moding lighting can get expensive quick. So I would say purchase on aesthetics. then lighting and don't worry about skimmer as I prefer to chose my own, and they can be had used for less. I have a biocube. I put a skimmer in and a refugium. total add on was 150.


I wish They would do an LED package but don't know if anyone yet does this. others have more knowledge. I ended up adding a single led strip to get the corals and Zoas to pop. Actinic is not even close to this. Just a thought.

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