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so I have no idea whats going on...now im up to 3 peppermint shrimp and one sally lightfoot that have all died


at first i got 3 peppermints to control some small aiptasia. after a few days one dissapeared never to be seen again. never found the body.


later, i got the sally lightfoot and a blood red fire shrimp. after the first night another peppermint mysteriously dissapeared, never found that body either.


two nights ago I found my last peppermint floating above my glass cleaner and today my sally lightfoot was found floating face up on the sand.


WTF?!? there are no snapping noises (sincerely doubt ive got a mantis or pistol) my params on nitrate, nitrite, salinity, Ca, Mg, phosphate and ammonia are all good (i do 2 small water changes a week), temp is a stable 80 degrees. I havent checked copper (i know this can be harmful to inverts) but i use ONLY RO/DI water.


anyone know whats going on?? I really dont want to lose my fire shrimp, hes beautiful (and he cost me $60)



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Not sure what"s happening but shrimp require extemely careful acclimation....they are not good at osmoregulating. If you don't acclimate them with all due dilligence they may not make it.IME

they are extremely sensitive to changes in any tank parameters.That means a slow drip type acclimation process is necessary.

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I didnt acclimate them as well as i should have, i admit...however, the peppermints lived for about a month (at least until the last one bit it) and the sally lightfoot was fine for about 2 weeks. I did acclimate them but not with a slow drip, I added a tiny bit of water by hand over the course of ~30 minutes


only other livestock is 2 occelaris clowns, and as of 4 days ago a yellow watchman goby

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Are you using any cleaners or solvents around or near your tank? The fumes from some glass cleaners and solvents will kill inverts.

You might want to test for copper also.

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i am using a glass cleaner, being very careful not to get it near the top of the tank, but ill stop that.


in other news...

I found my Sally lightfoot!! my mom was the one who found the "body" while I was out of town. thank god it was just a molt!

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$60 for a fire shrimp???

Boy, Im in the wrong business . . .


I just got 2 at $14.99 each . . .

I already had 2(19.99ea), but couldnt pass up the deal . . .

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trust me any business is better than the fish business...nearly impossible to make a decent profit unless you have a HUGE opperation.


that said, yes 60 was alot but in the middle of winter when it seemed like everyone online didnt have any I chose to go for one I knew (more or less) was healthy (watched him in my LFS for a few days)

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well it turns out my sally didnt die but my SG did go from 1.026 to 1.0255, temp is real stable at 80


not sure how the heck my salinity dropped

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Im sure some will disagree, but 80 pretty warm . . .


That sg is nill, no big deal imo.


Neither should kill inverts.


Any meds in the tank, any dosing?


What salt you use and does it have iodine?

Shrimps need iodine to molt and thats where alot of them are lost . . .


btw- just cause you dont see a pep-shrimp, dont mean its dead . . . I see my 2 about 1-2x a week . . .

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