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Next Investment?


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My tank is all up and running. Dont know what i should get next. Current setup is biocube 29 with stock everything. I have media basket with purigen, filterfloss, chaeto, and chemi-pure


Current Livestock

2 clownfish

pulsing xenia

duncan coral

candy cane coral


Things i need/might get


New Pump

Skimmer- Tunze 9002 or Cpr Cp3 (whatever its called)

Any suggestions???


Also instead of a new powerhead and new pump could i just get a new pump with the Y splitting head?

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i would add a k-nano420 powerhead(or an MP10 if you can swing it i know i cant lol) and then after that id upgrade the stock pump to an MJ1200 with a hydor flow deflector for a little wave action. then i would go skimmer, then i would upgrade to some better lighting, i am assuming you still have the stock PC lighting

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