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Clam vs Calcium


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is it possible to keep clam healthy without any calcium dosing?


i change app 15% of water, once a month

do you think its sufficient?




Not even close.


You also will need a much stronger light. I have a crocea 7-inches under a 150W mh, and I am having trouble keeping the alk and calcium up with daily dosing.

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I've got a Maxima in my 12 gallon. I do once a month WC's and never dose. The clam has never showed any signs of issues. My test kits always show correct calc levels. I've even taken my h2o to my friends lab and the calc still fine. I did that trying to prove my test kits bad. No such luck. Am im saying you can do it. Nope. But I guess I've been lucky. Either that or my rocks are leachin out enough calc to keep it happy.

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Playing devils advocate.....I think you could keep a clam if it was in a huge tank and you did the water changes you say you do. But in your size tank.....no.


Edit: A huge tank with no other calcium loving creatures....

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Playing devils advocate.....Edit: A huge tank with no other calcium loving creatures....



I know right. I've had mine for 3.5 years. 2 years in a 7 gallon. might nip me in my butt.

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Hahahaha.....yeah...I was not trying to essentially call you a liar or anything. I just think that if it were to be a good chance of success then it needs to have a large water volume to not only stabilize fluctuations, but also to provide a crap ton of calcium for use (relative to the clam's size).


Assuming that the restriction is the smaller water change (by percentage) and only done once a month.

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my total water volume, including sump etc, is app 540l


i have only 2 sps, monti & birdnest


i change app 100l of water, once a month


do you think is workable?



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