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I currently dove in, and bought a well established JBJ Nano 28. The tank came with about 25Lbs of man made rock, 2" DSB, and a few various corals. Two leathers, Toadstool, two Zoa frags, and a Hybrid Torch. I have had the tank for about 3 weeks now. Things are looking great so far. One of my only complaints is the fact that the overflow is dead in the middle of the tank, and the way the chamber design is. I for some reason thought it was just like the biocube in design. Guess not. My first mistake with this tank, was buying a Media basket from Stevie T, and a Tunze 9002 before realizing its one or the other. I decided to go with the media basket. I currently have Chemi pure Elite, and Purigen. My other dislike is the fact that there is no control over the lights besides ON or OFF. I would much rather seperate the Actinics and daylights. I think one of the reasons I have been disapointed in this tank, is the fact that I set my moms Biocube 29 up running Intanks Media basket with Chemi and Purigen, and also running a Tunze. Her tank is Thriving. Its crystal clear and has no floaties floating around like mine. Should I sell the Nano and get the bio? Are these dislikes that I have with the Nano even worth the trouble of swapping out?

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