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Lonely Clown?


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I purchased a very young Picasso from Doni's Reef and immediately noticed he was acting quite odd when I put him in. It seems as though he is staying incredibly close to piece of LR or the corners of the tank, almost as if trying to feel more secure. There are no other fish in the tank. Ms. Doni Marie suggested another fish as he is used to being with 40+ others in their tanks. Would anyone else agree?


Any suggestions for a 6.6g tank? I'm thinking a small goby...

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If you are really worried about loneliness and if you had the resources then you could add a sump then you could add a small Goby and Pistol pair.

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I think its fine, my clowns did the same thing when I added them to my little tank. THere were no other fish in there and I had blue as the back drop. It usually takes them awhile to realize there are no predators in the tank and its also because its probably different than what its used to-its got a tank all to itself now :) Well, I got tired of my clowns hanging out in one corner of the tank hiding behind the heater because after being in there for a week they shouldn't have been that scared to venture out. (granted, they were very little juvenile clowns and the coral in there was probably 3x their size. lol) But anyways I changed the background by putting something black on the back of my tank and it was a big enough change where they started swimming around to find their new favorite spot.

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