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Options for Tunze rail mount


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I'm the proud new owner of an older model Tunze 9002 skimmer, the kind with the rail mount instead of the newer magnet mount. The rail mount looks secure and while the magnet looks easy (at least after you cut it off and remount it on the side to be compatible with the Solana rear chamber), the rail looks very secure. Anyway, I'm looking for some options to mount the rail to the divider between chambers 1 and 2. Here's what the rail system looks like:




It's either that or find some rare earth magnets and retro the older model into the newer design. Any advice?

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I have mine in the 3rd chamber. I couldnt figure out how to put them in the second chamber because of the lip in the second chamber for the shelves, if you figure it out please post or PM me. I have the same mounts.

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Here's what it looks like. I can buy new hardware from Tunze for like $20, but it seems like the ol' DIY drawer should have plenty of good options. No one has mounted one of these things before?


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My bad, I thought you were talking about the 3155 Osmolator. What I did with my Tunze 9002 is cut the magnet off and made a stand out of eggcrate for it to sit on. I put the pump for my GFO reactor under the skimmer. I have heard people putting the magnet on the front or opposite side of the skimmer and mounting it that way. Do the YouTube mod, it gives you more control of the air input. Do you have the Stevie T cup? If not get it. Have you test fit the top? It looks like it may hit the bracket?

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I like the egg crate stand idea. I like the magnet idea too, but I'd have to find coated magnets I'm sure wouldn't leak. Just started looking for those. The rail idea isn't that bad either; it looks very solid and virtually impossible to slip out of position.


I've got a Stevie T cup on order. The rail doesn't get in the way, but as you know the original cup wouldn't come close to fitting down in the Solana rear chambers.


Do you find yourself fiddling with the thumb wheel adjustment enough to make the YouTube mod worthwhile?

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Okay, it's been a while, but I just got around to buying the rail mount hardware kit from Tunze. I was going to build an egg crate stand, but I can't see how you would build a stand until you know the right depth for the skimmer in the tank. Mine will be in chamber 1 of a Solana.


So now I've got a bag of new parts, screws and a couple nuts. I'm a reasonably bright guy, but I can't make heads or tails of this and there were no instructions in the box. The manual Tunze has online is only for their newer magnet mount models. The picture back in my original post is too small to be of any use. How do these parts fit together?

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