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Dictyota Eating Crabs Available


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Does anyone need these guys? They are temperamental at times, and grow pretty large. But if you need to beat back a dictyota infestation they are a good temporary tank mate before they get banished to the fuge or donated to the LFS. Not that they wouldnt do well in a small tank, but they will go around clipping nems tentacles to wear on their head etc... it is the Longnose Decorator Crab, Libinia dubia


only for people who would otherwise want to tear down the tank etc...bad infestations. These guys can eat, 1 could clear up a 20 gallon tank in a fair amount of time, maybe a month or so if it is really bad. The carapace is about a quarter or so, but the legs go out a bit, 2 times the width of the carapace and on each side.


Needs Express Mail outside FL

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