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Homocidal Clown?


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Hi all - quick question....I have a Biocube 29.


My tank's been running for a year and a half, and a pair of false percs has been with me all along. I have only one other fish in the tank - a YWG - and he keeps to himself, scurrying around in and under my live rock.


There are the usual hermits and snails, as well as a few corals.


In the last, say, twenty-four hours, one of the clowns has beaten the hell out of the other. Until now they've gotten along great - "cuddling" together in a coral every night. I don't think the poor clown's going to survive the day.


Why would one turn so aggressively against a long-time tankmate? It's my first experience with this.


Thanks for any input,



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Maybe he turned gay and the other clownfish is a homophobe?


Haha... j/k... you wrote "Homocide" instead of "homicide".


Anyways, it probably has something to do with the phenomenon of sequential hermaphroditism.


you may have to QT one of them to allow the other to heal. I would QT the aggressor so as to not put too much stress on the one getting beat up.

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Geez.....and I pride myself on my spelling! Don't know how I let that get by.


Anyway....it's been sorted out. The target of aggression didn't make through the day. Sad, because they got along swimmingly (pun intended) until yesterday. Now I'll be nervous adding another fish.


.....and you might be right, Jeff.....it might be that sneaky little yellow bastard's fault! Home wreckers....

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