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Just let it cycle already...


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Ok so I read alot of post about peoples tanks and there putting aniamls in it by the first or second week....are you crazy people need to do reserch and understand what cycling means you need to let nature do it's work here and be patient. These fish and corals are typically not cheap either, trust me when I first started I wanted to put stuff in there asap but Iam glad I waited and I had my first fish live for 3 1/2 years befor I broke my tank down and that was after I moved 3 times lol, and the fish never died I ended up selling them. Next month I will be getting back into this hobby and Iam gona get a 28 Gallon LED nano cube I will try to post major events during the time I set it up and how long it takes to cycle, I guessing a month....I say guessing because there is no set time but 2 weeks no way your asking for dead fish.

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