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When i ordered my live rock the store gave me a brown polyp frag for free. Since yesterday i noticed that it has a few bubble algae forming. what should i do. do i remove the frag or is there a technique to get them off???

I dont want these to become a bigger problem..



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If you get them while they're small and remove it out of the tank, you'll likely get them off. Get a small container of tank water, move the frag to the tank water and gently remove the bubble algae with SS tweezers. You'll see how easy to remove it is when you try it.

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I try to chip the rock off where the algae is, if possible. Then rinse the frag, and put it back in the tank. DON'T pop the algae in the tank.

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The goal is to get them off without popping them and releasing the algae "spores" within the bubble.


Here's what I do:

While doing a water change, before I dump the waste water, I take out the rock with bubble algae on it, and carefully try to "twist" them off. Note that it's easiest to twist off the larger ones. Then I'll scrub the area quickly with a toothbrush (dedicated to tank stuff of course) and give the rock a thorough rinse in the old water before placing it back in the tank.


Seems to work well I haven't had any in quite a while.

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I'd take the frag out and whack them with a razor blade or something. No reason to be gentle :P then rinse it off and back in it goes.

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