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bill to ban commercial reef fish harvest in Hawaii


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its really too bad that no one has been able to spawn tangs in the Zebrasoma genus...


We've all been waiting for you to do it... you're not quitting on us, are you?

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I think they should just ban it and see how it hits their already hard hit economy. Then all the morons who talk about banning will think twice.

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Not only yellow tangs but also the endemic species too will be gone for life driving up the prices of owned ones to ridiculous levels probably. I have heard of this.


I just received word that Senate Bill 580 will be heard this coming Thursday. This bill is, plain and simple, a complete statewide ban on the aquarium industry.


No More

Hawaiian Flame Wrasse

Potters Angelfish

Potters Wrasse


Every Fish on LA from Hawaii on this list


Not to mention inverts like the Hawaiian Harlequin Shrimp/ everything else from Hawaiian waters.


It would also KILL the local aquarium reef industry as of today I know of only ONE LFS that has corals that are legal to sell/own in Hawaii and ALL of them are aquaclutred from Hawaiian Waters. (only zoas/palys)

WE are limited to the non reef building corals like Zoanthids, Button Polyps, Octocoral, leather coral and Sea fans if you can fin d them.

Bad handicap would go from bad to non Hawaii reefing :tears:


I am sure every reefer here in Hawaii is doing everything they can to prevent this here is the latest update from a local reef fourms member who attenetd one of the many hearings there are another 10 bills like this


Expect the bill to pass to the next round. Although I feel this session went well and in our favor. I've been told It's rare for bills to be dropped this early. I had to leave at 4:10, well before they finished with the other bills to start any sort of voting. Last I heard, the vote may be differed to a later date, because not enough representatives were present at this session.


A lot of the opposition were in attendance, including sneaky bob himself. I have to say, I was disappointed with our turnout. If it wasn't for the 15 - 20 divers/owners going to every session and fighting for their jobs and way of life. I think bob would have succeeded in banning aquarium fishing in Hawaii by now. It's that serious. One representative even said she came to the hearing in favor of the bill/ban, until hearing testimony and actually seeing the people opposed to the bill.


I would REALLY like to see more hobbyists there next time. And there will be a next time, trust me. Even if this bill is dropped after this session. They've already said there's about 10 more just like it, waiting to go through.


Right now Hawaii is the epicenter of the fish collecting politics. So if you're thinking "ah, why should I care? I don't need to go. I only buy fish from other parts of the world anyway." You're wrong. Whatever happens here, will most likely be used as a template for the rest of the world. Your voice really will make a difference as was demonstrated today. Even if it's a simple "I oppose this bill".


Please come to the next session(s)!

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