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Bioballs or Media/fug combo


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I have a question about the filtering process.


I am looking into getting rid of the bioballs in the BC29, and getting a media basket, a fuge basket, and a fish saver from www.meadiabasket.com its around 82$, plus the chemi pure and the Purigen, my question is, is this really necessary to do or will my tank be alright with the bioballs and a water change every week or two. I plan on having reef and fish !

Also, if you think that I should ditch the bioballs and go the other way, what all do I need to get to make the media, fuge combo work right?!?!

Help help help

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Well, to be honest, you won't really need any of the other stuff until after your cycle completes and you want to start cleaning excess phos. Advice: get rid of the bioballs and just let your tank mature and decide where you need to be and then buy extra equipment if you need to.


The media basket would be nice to start with if you are looking to upgrade something right off the bat.



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