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Hydor eth does't fit on my eheim 2213


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I ordered a Hydor eth 200, and it doesn't fit the tubing that came with my Eheim 2213. I thought when I ordered it that it said the 200 fits 1/2" tubing, but on the box it clearly says 5/8, so what's my next move? Can I order some new 5/8 tubing? Will that work on my canister?

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Yes, there are 2 sizes, 1/2 and 5/8. I would ask for an exchange and not deal with some crazy plumbing.


You could replace the 1/2 tubing with 5/8 and a step-up slip fitting. However, a slip fitting, even if you are moving up to larger tubing, is going to reduce the effluent flow on your pump which is bad for the pump. There's no reason you should spend more money trying to rig something together when you ordered the correct heater in the first place.

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