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Christo's Clowns Onyx: Who still has them & How did they turn out?


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It will be two years in May since I got my Onyx clowns from ChristosClowns, and I am happy with them. They are getting in the black much more slowly because of their pecking order in the display tank, but it is coming in, and eventually, once I figure out a good way how... they will be going in their new home. The 20L I have set up.


I know there were a bunch of other people who also got their clowns in at a really young age from him and I am wondering how they turned out.

Please share your pics.



When I first got them in May 2009.




Omen as of Nov.19, 2010



Runt as of Sept.13, 2010



I will update these pictures when I can. I do still have them both. They are smart little guys and still eat like pigs, but come out of the rock work only at night now because of the larger clowns.

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I am aware of that one.. some take a few months, others can take three years or so.. depending on their pecking order in the tank system. I have them with two larger bonded percs so they are sexless juvies still, so they are both rather small, but they are healthy.


I am just curious to see how their brothers and sisters are doing.

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I don't have his Onyx - but the snow in my sig is from Christos. I got it last march and it was 4 months old then - it's a little over a year old now and it is darkening up real nice.

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