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sixline wrasse and small shrimp, coral beauty and clams...


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I'd like to add both a clam or two, and some more species of shrimp to my 40g tank, but have run into a wall. its lit with a 250watt MH, and has an octopus BH-100F skimmer, so filtration/lighting arent lacking. my problem lies with my fish.


in the tank right now I have:


a Sixline Wrasse

a Coral Beauty

a Yellowtail Damsel

a Royal Gramma


the angel is, as of now, 100% safe. she doesnt nip anything, but I've heard angels dont mix great with clams.


the sixline is about 1.5" and pretty passive. that said, sixlines are predators, and she doesnt stop searching the rocks for a second. I'm thinking about adding a fire shrimp, which Im not worried about, but I was hoping to add a small group (3-7) of sexy shrimp, as well as a pair/small group of perderson's cleaner and spotted anemone shrimp, but all are small species maxing out around an inch.


thoughts? ideas on shrimp/crabs/inverts that would play nicer?

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I have a 6-lined wrasse in my 28 nanocube with a Pygmy Angel and Maroon Clown. The 3 of them go round and round at times but nothing serious. I have two Maximas as well and no one picks on them. I also have a Fire Shrimp and Porcelain Crab, no worries there either. But, you never know when someone's attitude will change (honestly, I'm more worried about the Pygmy becoming a nipper then the wrasse). Go for it.

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Im not worried about the wrasse and the clam, Im worried about the wrasse and the shrimp. I'm thinking I might pick up one sexy shrimp first, and if it does okay, slowly up their numbers, since I do really want some more shrimp. as for the clam- I think I'll probably end up passing on it until my tank is angel-less (if it ever is).

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