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Clowns pairing up?


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Hey! Hope someone can help.


I´ve had an ocellaris clownfih by itself for almost 6 months, 2 weeks ago I added another ocellaris clownfish(which is just slightly smaller), hoping to get them paired up, they arent fighting or anything they just move and shiver like a kind of dance, they also sleep together, am I getting them paired up? how much does it take?

My worry is that maybe I bought another female, is it really noticeable when you add two females?

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If you bought another female I can erasure (assure... I was trying to make a joke) you they would always (always is part of the joke...) be fighting. If they're sleeping together it means they have a pair bond. The shivering dance is a body language common to all Amphiprion (and Premnus IIRC) clowns. It means they are becoming submissive to the other and forming a stronger pair bond. My pair of Black Ocellaris were bonded when I got them and they stayed the same size for over a year. I thought I had two females, but then one day, one of them (which I thought was a male) started getting bigger, and now she's twice the size of the male. They lay eggs every 12 days now. :)

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They can change sex depending on the other clowns in the tank.

So you're fine. Just wait and they'll be paired up in no time! ;)


Males can change to females, but females cannot change to males. ;)

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Males can change to females, but females cannot change to males. ;)

Correct, or more appropriate, asexual drones turn to males or females and the males can turn to females if needed. Females cannot become male again.

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So the fact that they are doing this "dance" it usually looks like one of them is having a seizure right? lol Its to establish some sort of dominance, and especially since they are sleeping together I think they are well on their way to becoming a pair. Usually this seizure and twitching continues for quite sometime, I've read it will happen for months, its them trying to establish their relationship. Usually its the female dodging toward the smaller male and he shows submission by twitching but I've seen the female do it back in a newer pair. I heard this behavior continues until they finally get are comfortable with their roles and are confident in their relationship. But like i said them sleeping together is a major plus!


If they were females you would see them fighting and trying to latch on to each others fins. Basically they would try to kill each other. Males can change to females, but I dont think females can change back to being males.


Because I had a two that were showing this type of behavior and they would sleep together and were practically inseperable. (until one jumped out and then the other got really sick probably from the stress and missing her friend...she died shortly thereafter. I was so sad.)


The other clown I tried to pair up, was not as interested in her new little buddy and they would hang out and tolerate each other (like they were friends) but they did not show pre-pairing behavior nor did they sleep together.


So I hope this helped and GL with your clowns!

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New to the nano reef world.

We have a bio29. I say we but it is really supposed to be my 16 year old daughters tank, she is interested in marine biology, is taking a research course and always wanted a salt tank. As with most other creatures coming into our home I tend to end up being the primary caretaker... Sorry to ramble... I love it and am very appreciative for all of the info I get here. Issue, tank was established with cured live rock, live sand 4 weeks ago. We never detected a "cycle" . Alk 0, nitrate 0, nitrite 0, ph 8.2 throughout this time. We have 2 clown fish. They hover around the water inlet 99% of the time. I am wanting to get them a coral that they can be comfortable in/around. Any suggestions?

Habitants are:

6 hermit crabs

1 emerald crab

5 snails

2 serpent stars

Multiple brittle stares and babies

2 clown fish

Couple of bristle worms

Thanks for any help you can give me

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IME, most clowns won't host corals. I do have a pair of SA Fancy Ocellaris that will host anything, but all of the other clowns I've kept like to stick to anemones or nothing at all. If you have the BioCube 29 HQI you could get an anemone, but if you have the regular BioCube 29 then you're out of luck. If you want to try getting your clowns to host corals, I would go with an Euphyllia (Frogspawn, Hammer Coral, Torch Coral). They are easy to keep and IME are most like to host clowns. Good luck! :)

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