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Thanks , I have been patient. paypal is resolving the issue, he sent me a email saying nice things again a week ago but still nothing and no response to my claim. As far as that duncan from north cali. i will take you up on that but I dont feel right not paying. we are socked in with snow right now so once spring hits i will hit you up. LPS crazy made me a deal of a lifetime that tank is doing super right now, still havent touched the led set up. maybe this weekend me and the drill press will hang out and get started , i got everything just need to find the time.


Oh and form. I am a #####, a whiney #####. and i got a punch in the mail yesterday but it wasnt packed with a heat pad so i think its doa

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Seller's Name: Jordan Ibarra

Seller's Email: GrandpaFeathers@gmail.com

Seller's Transaction ID: 08T06330GU4112812


Transaction Date: Jan 6, 2011

Transaction Amount: -$50.00 USD

Your Transaction ID: 43A77272FR667141X

Case Number: PP-001-204-100-561


Buyer's Transaction ID: 43A77272FR667141X




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man i am still waiting for these corals or paypal to refund my money...


WTF, PayPal should have resolved in your favor since he did not respond to your dispute. What was the last thing PayPal sent you about it?


hey GayPF, you ever pay JRock back?


Yeah I did.



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